Selling a 1981 Bentley Corniche


1981 Bentley Corniche
1981 Bentley Corniche

The 1981 Bentley Corniche was a distinct model of the Bentley Corniche model. In March of 1981, the popular, classic two-door coupe body style was discontinued by Bentley Motors Limited making all who had loved that style extremely sad and made all coupes up to that point extremely valuable. The convertible model of the Bentley Corniche was the only one available after this point. It featured a 6.75-liter V8 engine with a three-speed automatic transmission for efficient cruising capacity. It had the Bosch CIS fuel injector to make more efficient use and higher fuel economy. The coil spring suspension system along with the self-leveling hydraulic system continued to leave drivers in the lap of luxury. The all-wheel ventilated disc brakes remained helpful to all drivers taking a ride in this beautiful vehicle by Bentley. The Bentley Corniche remained popular for many years to follow due to its extremely appealing style.


1981 Bentley Corniche Seller’s Guide

The 1981 Bentley Corniche was a pivotal year for Bentley Motors Limited. If you’re struggling on whether to keep or sell your 1981 Bentley Corniche, look to the staff at the Alex Manos showroom. They will help you decide if selling is the right decision for you and what a profit might look like for you in today’s classic car market. This is an especially good year to sell because it marked a pivotal production point in Bentley Motors Limited history. Many buyers seek this model year due to the fact that they discontinued the coupe model this year, making it the most sought after coupe of the Bentley Corniche series. The Alex Manos team can help ensure you are 100% happy with the sale of your vehicle. They will guarantee that you get the most out of selling this gorgeous vehicle. They will even ensure that you know your car’s value by supplying you with a free estimate and making you a cash offer for your vehicle right then.

If you have any questions, drive on down to the lot to ask firsthand or give them a call today to start the selling process and see what they can do to make the process as seamless as possible.



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