Selling a 1968 BMW 2000 Sedan


1968 BMW 2000 Sedan

In the late-1960s, Bavarian Motor Works was settling still further into its well-earned status as a profitable, influential, and endlessly innovative sports car manufacturer. Much of BMW’s recovery (truly the stuff of legend) was attributable to the company’s clever marketing angles, as well as its responsiveness to legitimate driver and reviewer complaints and criticisms. Along those lines, if the 1800 series had addressed a few of the 1500’s issues of power and performance, the 1968 BMW 2000 Sedan was near total overhaul of the New Class concept in its entirety. As BMW had built up a great deal of credibility on the back of its New Class models, the 1968 BMW 2000 Sedan was not hugely different from earlier designs where exterior design is concerned. Much of what set the 2000 series apart was instead to be found under the hood, though there were some stylish touches intended to establish the car as a cut above the rest. As was becoming a habit for the Bavarian automobile manufacturer, BMW was yet again pushing the envelope and forcing the industry to take note.

Above all, the 1968 BMW 2000 Sedan was a strong engine cased within a recognizable chassis and bearing the gold standard logo of BMW. A stable drive, a lion’s roar of an engine, and the functional capacity of a well-made sedan, the 1968 2000 signaled a decisive shift into the gear for which BMW had been searching since 1961, if not earlier. That gear was one of perfect balance between sports car credibility and family car practicality. There was a level of excellence at work in the 2000 that stemmed largely from the M10 SOHC motor which in its M05 variant gunned along with the hooves of over 100 horses and had torque to spare. The marriage of power and class was very much on display with the 1968 BMW 2000 Sedan, a marriage the manufacturer has kept alive for half a century. Selling models of this sort is as much a matter of emphasizing the story behind the car as sharing of its impressive performance features.

1968 BMW 2000 Sedan Seller’s Guide


Given the nature of his business, classic car dealer Alex Manos is immersed in automobile history. He is also a subject matter expert in the selling, restoring, marketing, and transporting of classic cars. In that way, Alex Manos can be of tremendous help to you in the proper showcasing of your BMW 2000, whether you are ready to sell immediately or just need some insights on the current market. Reach out to Alex Manos today for a worthwhile conversation on all things classic car.



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