Buying or Selling a 1967 Lotus Elan?


1967 Lotus Elan
1967 Lotus Elan

The Lotus Elan was introduced at the 1962 London Motor Show and marked the beginning of a successful line of production sports car. The model featured all the qualities hold dear by its designer, Colin Chapman: it was small, light, and agile. The Elan’s design was recognizable to its pop-up headlights, and soft, smooth lines. The interior offered simplicity and minimal comfort and featured a beautiful dashboard made of a single piece of walnut wood. A coupe version was offered from 1965 and an optional hardtop was made available for the roadster. A 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine powered the 1967 Lotus Elan and was capable of 105 hp. Thanks to well engineered and quality equipment, the Lotus Elan had no trouble keeping up with more powerful but way heavier competitors such as the AC Cobra or the Jaguar E-type. 1966 saw the introduction of a new engine evolution named the SE, which stands for Special Equipment, producing 115 hp at 6,000 rpm and linked to a synchronized Ford gearbox with shorter ratio.


1967 Lotus Elan Seller’s Guide

The 1967 Lotus Elan was produced in relatively high number according to Lotus’ standards but the model is still highly sought after by collectors. If you’re the current owner of a good model and you’d like to sell it for a good value, the Alex Manos team is a great resource. Not only will the friendly staff provide you with valuable tips and advice, but also, the experts regularly buy classics of all makes, models, and conditions to grow their collection. Call the team today to ask about their best practice for selling a classic car. “What to include in the ad? How to take professional pictures? How to increase the value of your classic?” are questions the team regularly answers.



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