Buying or Selling a 1977 Maserati Merak?


1977 Maserati Merak
1977 Maserati Merak

Introduced in 1972, the Maserati Merak was launched one year after the Maserati Bora. Giugiaro at Italdesign was commissioned for transforming his Bora design into the Merak and both cars shared many design cues. One of the distinguishable features of the Merak was the addition of open flying buttresses that gave the car a beautiful silhouette by extending the roofline to the tail. Alejandro de Tomaso purchased Maserati in 1977 and discontinued the Bora after a production of less than 600 units, while the Merak remained in production for six additional years. The Merak was equipped with a 3-liter V6 and had an output of 190 hp, as well as a top speed of 150 mph. A more powerful SS variant was offered from 1976, with boosted performance and a distinguishable black grille.


1977 Maserati Merak Seller’s Guide

Currently thinking about selling your 1977 Maserati Merak? The Alex Manos team is a great place to start your project. Their team enjoys an excellent reputation for top customer service and their Los Angeles classic car dealership is the home for a wide inventory of classic car of all makes, models, and conditions. Not only will the friendly staff share tips and advice with their friends and clients on how to make a good transaction, but also, they’ll make a top dollar offer on your 1977 Maserati Merak. One tip the team will give you is to gather all available documents and pictures on the car in an organized folder for easy viewing. Potential buyers will be more interested if they see you were interested in your classic and took good care of it.



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