Selling a 1961 Alfa Romeo 2600


1961 Alfa Romeo 2600
1961 Alfa Romeo 2600

Manufactured from 1961 to 1968, the Alfa Romeo 2600 range would become the company’s flagship six-cylinder and would effectively replace the popular Alfa Romeo 2000. Known as the 106 series, the Alfa Romeo would be the last Alfa to feature an inline six-cylinder engine with twin overhead camshafts. This had been Alfa Romeo’s traditional engine configuration since the 1920’s, yet after World War II they would move to a four-cylinder configuration in a move to shift toward cars that were easier to mass-produce. This history has made the Alfa Romeo 2600 a popular classic within today’s market. The 1961 Alfa Romeo 2600 line would be based on the corresponding models in the 2000 range, and would boast similar body styling. First available as a 2600 Berlina Sedan, the 1961 Alfa Romeo 2600 would also be offered as a 2+2 Convertible Spider with a body by Carrozzeria Touring and as a Sprint Coupe with a body by Bertone. If you’re thinking about selling a 1961 Alfa Romeo 2600, you can rest assured knowing that collectors and enthusiasts continue to seek the Alfa Romeo 2600 for its styling, performance and technology. The Sprint and Spider models are of particular interest to buyers and often command the highest values.


1961 Alfa Romeo 2600 Seller’s Guide

Perhaps the main concern knowledgeable buyers will have when inspecting your 1961 Alfa Romeo 2600 for purchase is rust. Like many classic Alfa Romeo models of this era, the Alfa 2600 is prone to rust – particularly examples that were not taken care of over the years. Furthermore, because of relatively limited production, buyers will favor examples in the best condition. Throughout production, approximately 2,038 Berlina models, 2,2,55 Spider models, and 6,999 Sprint models were manufactured and certain parts and body panels can be difficult and expensive to find today. To help buyers feel confident in your particular 1961 Alfa Romeo 2600, provide them with any ownership records, maintenance and service records, and any information on restoration you may have. Additionally, if your 2600 is an unfinished restoration that comes with additional parts or components – be sure to advertise this positive feature. For more Seller’s Tips like these, the a href=””>Alex Manos team welcomes you to contact them at your convenience and to continue browsing the resources of this website.



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