Selling A 1968 Alfa Romeo 2600


1968 Alfa Romeo 2600
1968 Alfa Romeo 2600

Manufactured from 1961 to 1968, the Alfa Romeo 2600 would see more than 11,000 examples roll off the production line during its lifetime. Popular among collectors and Alfa Romeo enthusiasts, the 1968 Alfa Romeo 2600 would be the last model-year in the series and would boast all the small changes and technological advancements that would come down the line during production. This particular model offered a 2.6L aluminum in-line six-cylinder engine with cast iron liners, a cross-flow head and hemispherical combustion chambers. It would also be the last time the Alfa Romeo would see a six-cylinder engine configuration, as later models would move to four-cylinder engines in a move to streamline mass-production. Offered as a Berlina Sedan, a two-door Sprint Coupe, and an open-top Spider Convertible, the Alfa Romeo 2600 was used to effectively replace the previous 2000 range. Berlina models, which were designed and built in-house, would offer drivers 130hp with two Solex Carburetors, while the Sprint and Spider models would reach 145ph with the addition of an extra carburetor. Whether you’re selling a 1968 Alfa Romeo 2600 Berlina, Spider or Sprint, you can rest assured knowing there is a growing market for these Italian classics.


1968 Alfa Romeo 2600 Seller’s Guide

When buyers are searching for a 1968 Alfa Romeo 2600 for purchase, they are typically looking for the most complete and best condition model they can find within their budget. Things like rust, overall body condition and mechanical soundness will certainly be of concern. While some buyers will look for Alfa Romeo 2600 models they can restore, restoration costs can often exceed the actual value of the classic since parts can be expensive and difficult to find. You should always price your classic Alfa Romeo accordingly, but should make considerations for rarity, history and overall condition. Not sure how to price your Alfa Romeo 2600 classic? The Alex Manos team would be happy to learn more about your classic and can help you evaluate your car based on today’s market and Alfa Romeo 2600 availability. With years of experience in the classic car industry, there is no better team to assist you with this task. Furthermore, should your classic Alfa fit into their collection, they will make you a top-dollar offer on the spot. To make the transaction as smooth and successful as possible, they are also able to pay in cash and can pick up your classic car from any location in the United States – typically within 48 hours of your initial call.



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