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Alfa Romeo 1900
Alfa Romeo 1900

The Alfa Romeo 1900 was a landmark model in Alfa’s history with its unit-body construction and well-performing 1,884cc four-cylinder twin-cam engine that offered 90hp. Offered as a four-door Berlina sedan, a two-door Sprint coupe, and a two-door convertible Spider, the Alfa Romeo 1900 offered a new look for the company while retaining some of Alfa’s traditional engineering ideas. The 1900’s four-door Berlina sedan styling was designed in-house and was quite handsome for the era. Production initially began at a slow rate as the war damage was repaired and normality returned. Introduction of the 1900 TI and the 1900 TI Super models would certainly draw attention to the 1900 lineup. The 1900 TI received an engine with larger valves, a slightly higher compression ratio and a double choke carburetor to achieve 100hp. This engine would be fitted to a shortened wheelbase chassis, which was made available to numerous coachbuilders. The resulting models included Sprint coupe and Spider cabriolets by companies like Zagato, Touring, Pininfarina, Boano, Ghia, Bertone and others.


Alfa Romeo 1900 Seller’s Guide

Production for the Alfa Romeo 1900 would last until 1959, by which time approximately 21,304 examples had been manufactured. The original Alfa 1900 and the Alfa 1900 Super saw the highest production numbers, while models such as the 1900M AR52, 1900TI and 1900TI Super would see the lowest production numbers. If you’re interested in selling your Alfa Romeo 1900, rest assured knowing there is a large following of Alfa Romeo enthusiasts and collectors that would be delighted to learn more. Sadly rust takes its toll on most old Alfa Romeos in spectacular fashion, and condition plays a large role in the overall value of any classic Alfa. To give potential buyers confidence in your particular classic Alfa for sale, always give serious buyers the ability to perform a pre-purchase inspection. Similarly, you should provide potential buyers with documentation regarding ownership history, maintenance, repairs and restoration. These are just a few of the many Seller’s Tips for the Alfa Romeo 1900.



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