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Alfa Romeo 2000
Alfa Romeo 2000

During 1958, Alfa Romeo would release a new, larger saloon car called the Alfa Romeo 2000. It would debut in a class above the relatively new Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the older Alfa Romeo 1900. The Alfa Romeo 2000 would use the 1,975cc engine from the 1900, but with several tuning upgrades to help it achieve 105hp. It would also use a similar suspension layout, yet featured a longer wheelbase and wider track. Like many of the Alfa models before it, the Alfa Romeo 2000 would use a five-speed transmission with a column-mounted lever. This column-mounted lever would make the 2000 a six-seater. In addition to the 2000 sedan, a 2000 Spider built by Touring was released using the same floorpan of the 1900 Super Sprint and a more powerful 115hp version of the 1,975cc engine. This two-seat open-top car would use a floor-mounted shifter, yet in 1961 a 2+2 model would become available. At the end of 1960, the third variant would be introduced – the 2000 Sprint coupe. Using what was essentially a Spider chassis, the Sprint was designed by Bertone and was known for its styling and performance.


Alfa Romeo 2000 Seller’s Guide

Available as a Berlina sedan (2,814 units), a Sprint coupe (704 units) and an open-top Spider (3,443 units), the Alfa Romeo 2000 would see production until 1962 when all three versions were replaced by the Alfa Romeo 2600. If you’re the owner of an Alfa Romeo 2000 and are considering selling your classic, you’ve come to the right place to learn more about these special autos and their appeal in today’s classic car market. Because of their rarity, the Sprint is certainly sought-after today, as is the open-top Spider. Berlina sedans, on the other hand, are typically seen as the “entry-level” classic Alfa and, because they generally have not had excellent maintenance over the years, are hard to find in excellent condition. While the 2000 was considered “truck-like” in comparison to the smaller and more nimble Alfas of the era, it made an excellent long-based touring car for its day. These characteristics continue to draw collectors and Alfa enthusiasts to the 2000 and represent an excellent value for those looking to get into Alfa ownership. Rust does plague these cars, however, and buyers will be looking for the best example they can find within their budget. It is always best to present the most accurate picture as you can of the overall condition of your particular model.



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