Selling an Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider


Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider
Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider

The Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider was one of three distinct body styles available under the Alfa Romeo 2600 range that was produced from 1962 to 1969. The open-top Spider would run alongside the Berlina sedan and the Sprint coupe. Several special-designed models were also available including the Alfa Romeo 2600 Berlina De Luxe and the Sprint Zagato. While the Berlina sedan was designed and built in-house, various coachbuilders designed the rest of the line. The Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider was designed and built by Touring of Milan. The Alfa Romeo 2600 line would also run alongside the very popular Giulietta line, including the smaller Giulietta Spider, which had a family resemblance to the 2600 Spider. Although the 2600 lacked the smaller car’s grace and balance, the four-seat configuration of the 2600 Spider convertible and its new six-cylinder 2.5L engine with three carburetors would catapult the Sprint with more than 145hp. In total, approximately 2,255 units of the Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider would be produced during its run.


Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider Seller’s Guide

In today’s classic car market, the Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider and Sprint models are well loved for their opulent styling by collectors and enthusiasts. Considered fairly rare when compared to some of the more successful Alfa Romeo models, potential buyers will be looking for the most complete and best quality example they can find within their budget. This is particularly true because of the increasing cost of restoration and maintenance, as parts can be difficult and costly to find. Any documentation you can provide to show potential buyers the maintenance, ownership or restoration history of your particular Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider can be greatly helpful in establishing their confidence in your car. Furthermore, because many buyers will be contacting you via the Internet in different parts of the country, having recent pictures of the car available, including problem areas, is greatly helpful. Similarly, as with all classic cars of this age, you should always be agreeable to a pre-purchase inspection with serious buyers. For more Seller’s Tips like these for the Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider, the Alex Manos team encourages you to continue to browse this website.



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