Selling an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider


Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

The open two-seat Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider, featuring coachwork by Pininfarina, was first debuted as part of the Giulietta range in mid-1955. It would be this release that would launch Alfa Romeo’s legendary line of Spiders. Early era Giulietta Spider models (from 1955 to 1958) are known as the 750 series, and the models from 1959 to 1962 are known as the 101 series and have a 2-inch longer wheelbase. Boasting a 1,299cc dual overhead cam engine with a single downdraft or dual sidedraft carburetors, the Giulietta Spider would cause a lot of attention in the automotive industry at the time. The dual-carb Veloce edition would be introduced in 1956 and was significantly faster. With only 2,796 built – and many more faked over the years – it is perhaps one of the most sought after versions of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider. All Spiders used a floor shifter connected to a four-speed manual transmission. In total, there would be more than 25,000 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spiders manufactured, 14,300 of which are considered “early” models.


Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Seller’s Guide

Excellent Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spiders can command top values in the Alfa Romeo range, however, rust plagues these early Italian classics and buyers will want to carefully inspect the car – particularly in areas such as the rocker panels and windshield area. Because potential buyers can come from all over the country via the Internet, it is always a good idea to have pictures of these areas on hand. When pricing your Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider, the Alex Manos team recommends taking into consideration the overall condition of the classic, including any areas of rust or damage, as well as the rarity of your particular model and the current availability of Spiders like yours in the market. For someone who is not actively participating in the classic car industry, making these evaluations can be difficult. The Alex Manos team is always available for consultation and can assist you in determining a reasonable value for your classic Alfa Romeo – no matter its condition or location. Furthermore, should your classic fit into their inventory of European and American classics, they are happy to offer top dollar in cash!



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