Selling an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint


Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint is perhaps the most popular and collectible of the Alfa Giulietta range and of the postwar Alfa classics. With Bertone-designed 2+2 styling, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint coupe was both seductive and functional. Introduced in late 1954, the Sprint coupe would be followed by a Berlina sedan and later by an open two-seat Spider with bodywork by Pininfarina. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint would also see two additional variations. The Sprint Veloce, which offered 90hp, or the Sprint Speciale edition that offered 116hp. This type of power was exceptional for 1955. The Sprint Speciale version would also feature partial aluminum alloy bodywork and sliding Plexiglas windows. Both versions would initially offer four-speed transmission and column shifting. However, from 1958 this changed to five speeds and a floor shift, which coincided with a longer wheelbase. Internally, Alfa Romeo would designate the first Giulietta Sprint series as the 750 and the second generation as the 101 series, which began in 1959.


Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Seller’s Guide

If you’re thinking about selling your Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint classic – whether a standard model, a Sprint Veloce or Sprint Speciale – the Alex Manos team would be delighted to speak with you to help you understand the market for these particular classics. With years of experience in the classic car industry, and as a world-renowned California classic car dealership, their team has the knowledge, resources and industry connections needed to help you get the highest dollar for your example. They are also happy to share valuable Seller’s Tips they have learned over years of buying and selling classic Alfas. Perhaps the most important consideration to make when pricing and selling your classic is its overall condition and rarity. While the Giulietta Sprint models are not the most rare of the range, they are certainly highly sought after – particularly in good condition. Always be sure to include any upgrades, whether factory or aftermarket, and be sure to give a thorough explanation of any areas of rust or rust repair. And lastly, always be prepared to allow serious buyers to perform a pre-purchase inspection with a qualified mechanic or classic car expert. This will provide them with the confidence they need to move forward with the purchase.



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