Selling a 1955 Alfa Romeo 1900


1955 Alfa Romeo 1900
1955 Alfa Romeo 1900

The Alfa Romeo 1900, while known for being the company’s first car to be manufactured completely on the production line, was also Alfa Romeo’s first all-new post-war offering. Officially launched at the 1950 Paris Motor Show, the classic Alfa Romeo 1900 also earned accolades for being the company’s first left-hand drive car and for being the first to offer a unit construction. Produced from 1950 to 1959, approximately 21,300 models would come off the production line. While the Berlina Sedan was designed and built by Alfa Romeo, various elite coachbuilders would present additional options. The 2+2 Sprint Coupe, for example, would be designed by Touring, while Pininfarina would design the Sprint Coupe and Spider Cabriolet. Other special options would include the 1900 Super Sprint, the 1900SS Zagato, the 1900C Berlinetta Touring Superleggera and the Ghia Speciale 1900CSS. While each of these models was based on the classic Alfa Romeo 1900, bodywork would vary widely by coachbuilder – some more extravagant than others. If you’re thinking about selling your 1955 Alfa Romeo 1900, the Alex Manos team would be delighted to learn more about your particular model.


1955 Alfa Romeo 1900 Seller’s Guide

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns that potential buyers will have about your 1955 Alfa Romeo 1900 will be its overall condition, particularly any rust. These early Alfa classics are prone to having rust damage and, with so many models produced, buyers will be looking for the model in the best condition they can find within their budget. This does not mean that classic Alfa Romeo 1900 models with rust damage will be overlooked, however. There are certainly buyers who are looking to take on a restoration project, you’ll just need to compensate for condition in your asking price. The next concern that buyers will have is how authentic your example is. Always be prepared with engine and chassis numbers to help buyers confirm your car against historical records. Similarly, if you have documents regarding ownership history, maintenance or restoration, they can be greatly beneficial in giving your buyers confidence in your car. These are just a few of the Seller’s Tips that the Alex Manos team has learned for the 1955 Alfa Romeo 1900. To learn more, be sure to explore the resources found throughout this website.



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