Selling a 1956 Alfa Romeo 1900


1956 Alfa Romeo 1900
1956 Alfa Romeo 1900

Produced from 1950 to 1959, with approximately 21,304 examples manufactured, the Alfa Romeo was often considered the flagship of the Alfa Romeo brand in the 1950’s. Today, enthusiasts and classic car collectors agree. As the owner of a 1956 Alfa Romeo 1900, you’ll likely understand the appeal these cars can have – for their performance, sporty style and design. When selling a 1956 Alfa Romeo 1900 (or any model-year), it is important to have a bit of background history to share with potential buyers. The Alfa Romeo 1900, for example, is an important model in Alfa Romeo history, as it was the first time an Alfa Romeo had been completely manufactured on a production line. Similarly, the 1900 was the company’s first car without a separate chassis and body and the first to be offered in left-hand drive. Because of the 1900’s unique construction, several coachbuilding companies would be recruited to design exceptional bodies for these classics. A renowned player in the coachbuilding industry at the time, Touring would be recruited to build the 1900 Sprint Coupe. Pininfarina, another popular coachbuilder, would design the four-seat Cabriolet and 2+2 Coupe.


1956 Alfa Romeo 1900 Seller’s Guide

One of the most important steps to selling any classic, including the 1956 Alfa Romeo 1900, is understanding how to set an asking price for your car. While this seems fairly simple, a lot of sellers have a hard time with this step, as they are not familiar with the trends in the classic car market. Sellers should focus on finding a price that attracts buyers, but that does not leave too much missed opportunity on the table. The Alex Manos team of classic car professionals has years of experience helping sellers just like you evaluate and price their classics for sale. Not only will they take all the steps necessary to learn more about your classic, but they will also compare your classic to recent sales according to overall condition, mechanics, history, model and more. This is the most effective way to find an attractive asking price for your 1956 Alfa Romeo 1900. Want to learn more about recent sales in the classic Alfa Romeo market? Have questions about the demand and rarity of you 1900? Let the Alex Manos team share their knowledge and expertise. They are also happy to share their Seller’s Tips with you to ensure your success.



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