Selling a 1958 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider


1958 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider
1958 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider

The Alfa Romeo 2000 range would launch in 1958 after much anticipation by Alfa Romeo enthusiasts. Although the 2000’s predecessor, the Alfa Romeo 1900, had proven to be widely popular during the 1950’s, the market was ready for a successor. First unveiled at the Turin Motor Show of 1957, the Alfa Romeo 2000 would debut in both Berlina Sedan and Spider Convertible form. The 1958 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider offered an enlarged version of the Alfa Romeo 1900’s four-cylinder 1,975cc engine and gave an estimated 115hp. The Berlina Sedan models would use a single downdraft carburetor, while the Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider featured two Solex sidedraft carburetors. Another change during this era was the Berlina’s move to a column-mounted shifter, while the Spider would continue with a floor-mounted shifter until 1961. A curvaceous and sleek Touring-designed body would be presented on the Spider, with approximately 3,443 models built throughout production. The six-cylinder Alfa Romeo 2600 would replace the 2000 model in 1962. If you’re the owner of a 1958 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider and are thinking about selling your classic car, the Alex Manos team would be delighted to speak with you about your options.


1958 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider Seller’s Guide

Representing the best of then-current Italian design, the 1958 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider (and other model-years) is one of the most sought-after classics to come from Alfa Romeo. A direct product of their racing experience, the twin-cam engine, large brakes, well-developed suspension and quick steering make it easy to understand why buyers – both then and now – appreciate these stylish convertibles. If you’re looking to make more room in your garage or have recently finished a restoration and are ready to move on to the next project, the Alex Manos team would be happy to help you find a new home for your classic. With years of experience in classic car market, they have the knowledge, industry connections and expertise needed to help you get top dollar for your Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider. In fact, once they’ve learned more about your classic, if they determine it would be a great addition to their inventory, they’ll make you a top dollar offer on the spot. If you think you classic Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider is a classic they’d be interested in, do not hesitate to contact them today. In the meantime, be sure to browse this website to learn more about the classics they’re looking for.



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The 1958 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider is an excellent addition to any garage; you can rest assured knowing there will be interest in your classic. Connect with the Alex Manos team today to discuss your particular model, and do not hesitate to explore the resources of this website at your convenience. Their team looks forward to hearing from you soon!


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