Selling a 1959 Alfa Romeo 2000


1959 Alfa Romeo 2000
1959 Alfa Romeo 2000

The Alfa Romeo 2000 range, the popular successor to the Alfa Romeo 1900, was available from 1958 through 1962 and would see approximately 7,089 models manufactured. Debuted in 1958, the Alfa Romeo 2000 was named for its displacement and would offer a 1,975cc four-cylinder engine. Later in production, Alfa Romeo would produce a more modern, all-alloy 2.0L engine. This is an important distinction to make, as engines used in the 1958 to 1962 Alfa Romeo 2000 models are commonly referred to as the “cast-iron 2-liter” or the “old 2-liter.” The cast-iron engine also featured a more modern valvetrain that than what was used in the previous 1900 models. Due to these improvements, the Berlina Sedan would offer 105hp and the Coupe and Convertible models would boast 115hp. While this power was good for the era, because the Alfa Romeo 2000 bodies were heavier, performance would prove to be adequate but not as sporty as the models Alfa Romeo was known to produce. Nevertheless, the 1969 Alfa Romeo 2000 (and other model-years) is widely popular as a collector car with Alfa Romeo enthusiasts and classic car collectors alike. Of course the Sprint and Spider editions are the most popular.


1959 Alfa Romeo 2000 Seller’s Guide

The Alex Manos team of classic car professionals has years of experience in the classic car industry and with the Alfa Romeo brand. They are always available for consultation regarding the value of your 1959 Alfa Romeo 2000 and welcome the opportunity to “talk classics” with other classic car enthusiasts. They welcome you to contact them anytime. Like other classics of this era, the Alfa Romeo 2000 was prone to rust. One of the most important Seller’s Tips that the team can offer is to be realistic with your asking price, particularly when it comes to overall body condition. While working on the engine of an Alfa Romeo can be fairly simple, bodywork can be costly and difficult to repair. As such, buyers will look for models in the best condition they can find within their budget. Similarly, they’ll be looking for models that are as original as possible, as an original in average condition is often better for restoration than a model that was partially restored poorly. This, of course, is personal preference and there are buyers looking for Alfa Romeo models of all kinds.



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