Selling a 1961 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider


1961 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider
1961 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider

First displayed at the 1957 Turin Motor Show in Italy, the Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider Convertible was designed and built by Touring, a popular coachbuilder during the era. The 1961 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider represents the last year of production for the model, with approximately 3,443 examples being built throughout its lifespan. This limited production number is in part due to the expensive price tag, although it would be one of Alfa Romeo’s most popular sport convertibles. The Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider would boast 115hp via an updated version of the Alfa Romeo 1900 engine with a cast-iron block, aluminum head and two Solex sidedraft carburetors. As a classic Alfa Romeo owner, you understand the appeal that these unique and stylish cars have had to buyers over the years. When you’re ready to sell your 1961 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider, you can rest assured knowing that there will be interest in your model, no matter what its condition and location in the United States.


1961 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider Seller’s Guide

As a classic Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider owner, you also understand that there are several areas of importance that potential buyers will want to inspect prior to purchase. While the 1961 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider is fairly sturdy mechanically, there are some items that can cause concern for a buyer. For example, it is normal for a classic Alfa Romeo Spider to leak some oil, but it should not be leaking other fluids like coolant or brake fluid. This, of course, would be important if you are selling a 1961 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider that is roadworthy. Potential buyers will also be interested in any previous collision damage to the body. While previous damage may not discourage a buyer from purchasing your classic Alfa Romeo, a buyer will want to see that the problem areas were repaired with quality work. All of these considerations should be correlated to your asking price. Would you like more information on the value of your Spider in today’s classic car market? The Alex Manos team would be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you. Connect with their team today to discuss your particular Alfa Romeo model.



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The Alex Manos team is always looking to purchase classic cars of all makes, models and conditions. Whether your Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider is in pristine condition or just rolled out of a barn after decades of storage, their team looks forward to learning more. In fact, if your classic 1961 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider fits into their collection, they’ll make you a top dollar offer on the spot. Let their team make your sale as easy as possible. Connect with them today to learn more.


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