Selling a 1961 Amphicar


1961 Amphicar
1961 Amphicar

The only non-military amphibious car to see mass-production, the 1961 Amphicar is part of a range of amphibious vehicles designed and developed in Germany between 1961 and 1968. The brainchild of Hanns Trippel, the Amphicar offered a four-cylinder Triumph Herald motor located in the rear and could reach approximately 7 knots on the water and 70mph on land. A Lucas 12 volt positive ground system would power the electrics, while manufacturers such as Bosch and Hella would make items like lighting and switches. Hermes, famous for their Porsche transmissions at the time, would make a land-and-water transmission that allowed the four wheels and twin nylon propellers to be operated either simultaneously or independently. Assembled in factories in Lubeck and later Berlin, Germany, the hull would be made of steel and great care would be given to ensure that all joints were watertight. As such, the doors of the 1961 Amphicar offer rubber seals around the edges to give a watertight barrier. Additional equipment was added such as water navigation lights and an electric bilge pump to expel any water that may come aboard and to make the Amphicar seaworthy.


1961 Amphicar Seller’s Guide

As an owner of a 1961 Amphicar, you are likely already aware of the maintenance and effort required to ensure the Amphicar is not consumed by rust. For this and many reasons, potential buyers will be looking for the best condition Amphicar they can find within their budget. Always market your classic Amphicar accurately and be ready with recent photographs, as buyers often come from across the country. Similarly, you’ll want to be prepared with engine and chassis numbers so that buyers can ensure your Amphicar is authentic. If your model is in need of restoration, a list of parts or components that come with the sale is always helpful, while if your car has already seen restoration, records can give buyers great confidence. These are just a few of the many Seller’s Tips that the Alex Manos team has learned over their years of experience in the classic car industry. Their familiarity with the Amphicar brand can also help you navigate the classic car market with ease.



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