Selling a 1962 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint


1962 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint
1962 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

While the 1962 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint does not command the price tag or attention of an early Lamborghini or even a limited Alfa Romeo Sprint Zagato, for many, the Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint strikes a personal chord. Maybe it was their first car, the one they lusted over for decades, or the car they drove away on their honeymoon. Nevertheless, the 1962 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint is often regarded as a reasonably priced Italian classic, which is attainable for buyers and collectors of all types. It has all of the components that made sports touring cars popular during this era – the twin-cam straight-six engine, a stylish Bertone-designed body, exceptional style and grace. When buyers consider other sports touring classics from this era, alternatives such as the Jaguar, Aston Martin and Maserati are considerably more expensive, making the 1962 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint an excellent option. If you’re thinking about selling your classic Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint Coupe, be sure to connect with the Alex Manos team to learn more about demand in today’s classic car market.


1962 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint Seller’s Guide

Buyers who are looking for a 1962 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint are often concerned with the overall quality of the example, as educated buyers will be searching for the best model they can find within their budget. Don’t fret if your classic Alfa Romeo has some rust, however; buyers are always looking for good candidates for restoration. The most important factor is that your asking price reflects the condition, history and rareness of your classic. In total, there were about 6,999 examples of the Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint manufactured. To authenticate your example, be sure to provide engine and chassis numbers, as well as any documentation you may have regarding the car’s history of ownership, maintenance and repair, and restoration, if any. These documents can give buyers added confidence in your particular classic. These are just a few of the many, many Seller’s Tips that the Alex Manos team has learned over their years of experience in the classic car market. Connect with them today to learn more.



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