Selling a 1962 Amphicar


1962 Amphicar
1962 Amphicar

While the 1962 Amphicar is certainly not for everyone, no one will argue with the fact that it is a head-turner. Produced in Germany between 1961 and 1968, the Amphicar was the first non-military mass-production amphibious car. Offering 7 knots on the water and 70mph on land, the Amphicar was also nicknamed the “Model 770.” Boasting a four-cylinder Triumph Herald engine and a land-and-water transmission developed by Hermes, the Amphicar was widely popular as a recreational vehicle during its era. The Amphicar was quite expensive for the times, however, and would cost between $2,800 and $3,300 for a base model. It is estimated that approximately 4,500 examples were produced, of which approximately 3,000 were sent to America. Today, collectors and Amphicar owner’s clubs estimate that approximately 700 are still in regular use. In 1968 new EPA and DOT requirements in the United States would make it impossible for the Amphicar to continue being imported and the business would shut down. As such, parts and components for the Amphicar can be difficult and expensive to find and buyers will be looking for the most complete and best condition example they can find within their budget.


1962 Amphicar Seller’s Guide

There are several questions that buyers will have when inquiring about your 1962 Amphicar that you should be ready to address. First, is the car complete? Are there any parts or missing components that will need to be purchased to make the car road or seaworthy? The answers to these questions can be quite important to those who are looking to restore a 1962 Amphicar. Rust in the rear fenders, as you may already know, is also quite a problem for these models. In many cases the rear fenders have already been repaired and buyers will want documentation or explanation as to how the repair was handled. Similarly, chrome pieces are costly for these particular models and can be hard to find. Buyers may ask you about the condition of your chrome. The next main question buyers will likely have is when the car was last in the water. Always be honest about the overall condition of your Amphicar and buyers will respect your candor. As with all classic cars, it is best to allow serious buyers to have a third-party inspection so they can fully understand what they are purchasing.



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