Selling a 1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider


1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider
1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider

Alfa Romeo’s flagship six-cylinder throughout the 1960’s, the Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider was first introduced at the Geneva Motor Show of 1962. Available as a factory-designed Berlina Sedan, a Touring-designed 2+2 Spider Convertible, and as a Bertone-designed Sprint Coupe, these classic Alfa Romeo 2600 models offered something for everyone. In total, however, the Sprint Coupe would see the most production, with approximately 7,000 models manufactured. The Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider, on the other hand, would see approximately 2,255 examples built. If you’re thinking about selling your 1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider, you can rest assured knowing there is a niche of European classic car and Alfa Romeo enthusiasts out there looking for a model just like yours. Although the Alfa Romeo 2600 was widely praised for its excellent engine, which boasted 145hp and a top speed of 124mph, sales for this particular model were not considered very successful during its era. Nevertheless, the classic 1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider is considered desirable in today’s market. If you’re thinking about selling, the Alex Manos team would love to learn more about your particular model.


1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider Seller’s Guide

Whether you’re thinking about selling a pristine 1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider that has seen little use on the road or a model in need of complete restoration, one of the main concerns that educated buyers will have regarding your classic is rust. These 1960’s classic Alfa Romeo models are known to be prone to rust, and with little more than 2,200 examples built, can be quite expensive to restore. Because of this, buyers will be looking to purchase the most complete and best condition example they can find within their budget. If you have additional parts or components that come with the sale of your classic, be sure to advertise these with the car; they can make your classic more appealing than others. Likewise, if you have documentation regarding the car’s history – including maintenance, repair, restoration or ownership – be sure to share this with potential buyers. While these will not be the only deciding factors, it always helps to give buyers as complete a picture as you can. The Spider in particular will often see damage to the soft top, particularly the window itself. This will be something to mention. Additionally, if you have the optional hardtop, this can add value when compared to a standard model.



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These are just a few of the many Seller’s Tips that the Alex Manos team has learned over their years of experience in the classic car market. Known for their fair and honest car deals, their team would be delighted to learn more about your 1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider. Should your classic fit into their collection, they’ll be happy to make you a top dollar offer on the spot. Connect today to learn more and to discuss the current value of your classic Alfa Romeo. They look forward to hearing from you soon!


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