Selling a 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale


1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale
1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale

The product of collaboration between Alfa Romeo and the renowned coachbuilder Bertone, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale offered subtle detail changes over the Giulietta models it replaced. The big advancement at the time was the new 1,570cc engine taken from the Veloce models that would power the Giulia SS. Fitted with a five-speed gearbox, the Giulia SS also boasted an improved chassis, yet retained the solid rear axle from the Giulietta. Well known for its successes in circuit racing during the 1960s, it was the Giulia SS’s styling, curvature and visual appearance that were quite advanced for the era. In fact, the Giulia Sprint Speciale was the first production model designed using a scientific approach. Using wind tunnel testing and aerodynamics, the 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale (and other model-years) would offer the lowest drag coefficient of any car produced for years to come. These are just a few of the historical facts that you can discuss with potential buyers of your 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale.


1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale Seller’s Guide

In total, it is estimated that only 1,400 examples of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale were produced between 1962 and 1966, making the classic rather collectable. When selling your 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale, the most important Seller’s Tip that the Alex Manos team can recommend is to be honest about the condition of your classic and to let that condition influence your valuation. Buyers will be interested in Giulia SS models of all types – from those in need of complete restoration to the finest examples – yet they will be looking for the best condition example they can find within their budget. Many sellers find it helpful to have a third-party inspection prior to listing their classic for sale. While this is not mandatory, it can help sellers describe the current condition of their classic, particularly if it is roadworthy. As with all classic cars, buyers will also want to authenticate your Giulia SS by comparing engine and chassis numbers with manufacturing records. You can assist in this process by having the engine and chassis numbers handy, or by securing a certificate of authenticity from the manufacturer, if possible.



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