Selling a 1968 Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto


1968 Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto
1968 Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto

The Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto has a long history within the Alfa Romeo brand; one that dates back to the 1961 Turin Motor show when a Pininfarina-designed Spider Speciale Aerodynamica was presented to the public. Concept-to-production times took much longer during the 1960s, and the Duetto would not see official production until 1966. In production form, the Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto would feature a 1,570cc variant of the traditional Alfa Romeo twin-cam four-cylinder engine and would offer dual Weber carburetors to reach 109hp. An interesting piece of Alfa Romeo trivia is the fact that the “Duetto” name actually came from a mail-in contest. “Duetto” would become the term used to distinguish the car from its Giulia Coupe and Berlina stable mates and would be accepted for its reference to the two-seat layout. If you’re thinking about selling a 1968 Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto – no matter what condition or location – the Alex Manos team would be happy to speak with you regarding your sales options and the current market for Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto classics.


1968 Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto Seller’s Guide

When selling any classic car, including the 1968 Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto, there are certain steps that sellers must take to prepare for the sale. If your classic is an unfinished restoration project, for example, effort should be made to catalog the parts that come with the sale and to provide documentation regarding what has already been completed and by whom. On the other hand, if you’re selling a mint-condition 1968 Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto, quality photographs and documentation regarding any restoration will be helpful with the sale. Regardless of the condition of your classic, however, it is important to market your classic as honestly as possible and to provide information such as engine and chassis numbers that will prove the car’s authenticity. Unsure of where to start? The Alex Manos team has years of experience in the classic car market and with the Alfa Romeo brand. They can not only help you with these items, but they can also help you understand the value of your classic in today’s market – a step in the sales process that is often the most difficult for sellers. Let their team share their knowledge and experience with you.



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