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Abarth Double Bubble
Alfa Abarth Double Bubble

The Abarth Double Bubble, also known as the Fiat Abarth 750, is an aluminum-bodied car produced through collaboration between Fiat and Abarth during the mid-1950s, as well as the world-renowned coachbuilder, Zagato. Fiat would provide the chassis, while Abarth would tune the powerful 747cc engine and Zagato would design the now iconic shape known as the “Double Bubble.” The Abarth Double Bubble would go on to become one of the most recognized automotive designs of the 1950s. Hand built, the models would vary in trim and details throughout a short production run. The Double Bubble was also quite expensive to build, thus production was small. The complexities of restoring and repairing the aluminum body have also insured that few good examples survive today. If you’re one of the lucky few that own an Abarth Double Bubble and are thinking about selling your classic, Alex Manos and his team of classic car professionals would like to speak with you.


Abarth Double Bubble Seller’s Guide

Placing a value on the Abarth Double Bubble can be difficult, particularly for owners who are emotionally attached or are not actively following the classic car market. For this particular model, rarity, originality and condition are perhaps the three biggest factors that contribute to the car’s value. Potential buyers will want to learn more about the originality and authenticity of your Abarth Double Bubble and can look to the chassis and engine numbers as guides. Similarly, if you have any documentation that shows ownership history, maintenance or restoration records, this can be a great way to give buyers confidence in your example. Condition is equally as important. Buyers will always be looking to purchase the model that offers the best overall condition for their budget; however, they are also looking for Double Bubble models of all types. From those in need of restoration to pristine examples, you can count on interest from buyers. As with all classics, you should be accommodating to serious buyers who are interested in having a third-party inspection completed by a qualified mechanic.



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