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Founded by Carlo Abarth of Turin, Italy in 1949, the Abarth was a racing and road-going automobile that dominated the world of small sports car racing throughout the 1950s. Well-known for its affiliation with the Fiat brand, Abarth would build a reputation as the premier tuner of Fiat engines. The Abarth Double Bubble, also known as the Fiat Abarth 750 Zagato, is perhaps one of the most iconic classics to come from the partnership. Released in 1958 and 1959, the Abarth Double Bubble was used in the 750cc class of the Grand Touring Championship with great success. Due in part to Zagato’s lightweight and aerodynamic body, the Abarth 750 would weigh just 1,179lbs and took advantage of the Abarth 747cc engine. When paired with a specially made exhaust and high compression head, the power behind the Abarth 750 was exceptional for the era. The production version of the car would debut at the 1956 Geneva Motor Show and would offer twin intake scoops at the rear and the now famous double bubble roof. If you’re considering the sale of your Abarth classic, the Alex Manos team would be happy to discuss your sales options and looks forward to hearing from you soon.


Abarth Seller’s Guide

There are a number of Abarth models that are considered collectable today. Among them are the Abarth 750 Zagato Double Bubble, the Fiat-Abarth 1000TC, the Fiat-Abarth 850TC, the Abarth 1100 Scorpione Spider, the Abarth 204A and 205A Berlinetta, the Abarth Simca 1300GT, the OT1000, OT1600 and OT2000, and the Abarth Monomille to name just a few. No matter what model you own or it’s condition, the Alex Manos team is always interested in learning more. Backed by years of experience in the classic car market, Alex and his team of professionals purchase European and American classics of all makes, models and conditions and are renowned for offering top dollar in cash to their sellers. Take the hassle and worry out of selling your Abarth classic by partnering with their team today.



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In the meantime, the Alex Manos team welcomes you to browse their website to learn more about the classics they’re most interested in, as well as valuable Seller’s Tips for the Abarth and other popular classic models. Should you have any questions, they are always just a phone call away and look forward to helping you find a new home for your classic Abarth. Connect today to get started!


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