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1300 Junior
Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior

First launched in 1968 with a 1,290cc engine capable of producing approximately 89hp, the classic Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior would prove to be quite popular with buyers of the era. It would lack some of the popular features of its brother the Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce, such as the plastic headlamp fairings, the brake servo, hubcaps and opening quarterlight, yet would see excellent production numbers. From 1968 to 1969 (as part of the Series 1 Spider models), the Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior would see approximately 2,680 models produced. The series would continue through 1977 as part of Series 2, in which time 4,557 models were released. One of the most popular Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior models on today’s classic car market is the Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior, which was available to buyers between 1968 and 1973. Whether you’re looking to sell an unfinished restoration project you simply don’t have time to complete, a mint-condition original 1300 Junior or one that you’ve painstakingly restored from top to bottom, the Alex Manos team would be delighted to hear from you.


Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior Seller’s Guide

As a classic Alfa Romeo owner, you already know that the Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior is particularly susceptible to rust damage. Educated buyers also know this fact and will likely ask you for photographs of any damaged areas, particularly if they are purchasing your classic via the Internet. On the other hand, many buyers may ask for a third party inspection to gain a better understanding of the overall condition and originality of your classic Alfa Romeo. If you believe the buyer is serious about purchasing your classic, you should make an effort to accommodate these requests. One way that a mechanic or classic car specialist may test for rust is to gently test the floorpans from underneath the car with a hammer and tap. In advance of placing your classic for sale, you may want to conduct this test on your own. Another Seller’s Tip that will make your sale easier is to have all documentation available, as well as any information on ownership history or restoration. These types of documents can give buyers the confidence they need to move forward with the purchase.



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These are just a few of the Alfa Romeo 130 Junior Seller’s Tips that the Alex Manos team recommends. A Los Angeles classic car dealership with a reputation for fair and honest car deals, their team is always looking to add new classic inventory to their showroom. Do you think your classic 1300 Junior is a car they’d be interested in? Contact them today to learn more. Should your classic fit into their collection, they’ll make you a top dollar offer on the spot. Learn more by calling their team today.


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