Selling an Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider


Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider
Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider

The classic Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider was first debuted in 1962 as the updated version of the widely popular Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider. Offering new underpinnings and a 1.6L engine paired with a five-speed transmission, the Spider Convertible would be quite successful for Alfa Romeo. In addition to being offered in standard form, a Veloce edition of the Giulia Spider was offered with increased performance (112hp) via a twin-carburetor setup. While approximately 9,250 standard Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider models would be produced through 1965, only 1,091 of the Veloce edition would be built. As an Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider owner, you likely already know that the Giulietta and Giulia models are quite similar in appearance. However, the Giulia offers a characteristic hood bulge with the “105” series number stamped on the firewall. Well respected on the European classic car scene, if you’re thinking about selling an Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider classic car, you can rest assured knowing that you will likely have great interest from collectors and enthusiasts alike.


Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Seller’s Guide

As with many classic cars of this era, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider is prone to rust damage, particularly in the rocker panels and windshield area. When selling an Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider, always be sure to indicate any areas of rust concern or those that have been repaired over the years. It is also important to ensure you account for any rust damage in your asking price. Most serious buyers will request a third party inspection to ensure that there are no underlying issues that may become headaches after they purchase your classic. If you feel that the buyer is serious, you should always be accommodating to inspection requests. Some sellers do not want to deal with the hassle of organizing multiple inspections with various buyers and choose to perform their own third party inspection prior to posting the classic for sale. Prospective buyers can view the report to gain insight on the condition of the car. For more valuable Seller’s Tips like these, the Alex Manos team encourages you to contact their team of classic car professionals today. Designed with classic car owners in mind, you’ll also find a wealth of resources available to you throughout this website.



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