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Are you the owner of a 1998 Acura NSX? This car is stylish, sleek, and one of the most respected sports cars to come out of the 1990s. The 1998 model year was the second of NSX models to receive a performance upgrade, making it slightly more powerful than versions manufactured prior to 1997. It was built with a 3.2L VTEC V8 engine that was lightweight and able to produce 270hp, making it one of the more powerful cars for its size. The 1998 NSX also received upgraded parts that improved airflow and reduced weight, which is part of the reason for its success on the racing circuit. Because the NSX was built mostly from aluminum rather than heavier alloys, it was one of the lightest sports cars on the track. This, combined with its improved traction control, made it easy to drive at high speeds. In fact, the NSX was praised for being one of the most comfortable cars to handle and was able to outperform cars like the Corvette and Porsche 911 in performance tests.

1998 Acura NSX Seller’s Guide


The 1998 Acura NSX is an iconic Japanese sports car that built a large fan base over the years. Japanese car collectors and rare sports car enthusiasts are happy to pay top dollar to add this innovative automobile to their collection. If you’re thinking about selling your NSX model but aren’t sure where to start, let the Alex Manos team help you part ways with it for a fair and competitive price. After all, if you sell your NSX to someone who doesn’t truly appreciate its special history as a Japanese sports car, you may end up selling it for less than its worth. The Alex Manos team has years of experience working with high performance Hondas and Acuras, and they’ll offer you top dollar for your 1998 NSX regardless of its condition. Turn that car into cash today by contacting the Alex Manos office and speaking with one of their friendly associates.



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