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The NSX-T was a version of the NSX that was fitted with detachable Targa tops, giving it a more stylish look than its racing counterpart, the NSX. Both cars are built with the same high-quality components that make them optimized for racing, although Acura did have to make some slight modifications on the NSX-T weight to ensure that the car had the same traction control and handling as the NSX. The 1999 Acura NSX-T is built with a 3.2L V6 engine that puts out 270hp and is capable of going from 0 to 60 in less than five seconds. It’s built with a lightweight aluminum body, which is part of the reason that the car’s praised for its excellent handling. The car also has a lighter engine, better airflow, and upgraded gear ratios that set it apart from NSX models built before 1997. Overall, it’s a fantastic car that brings Japanese style and unparalleled performance to the North American market. Not only is the NSX-T a popular car for Japanese automobile collectors, it has also built a cult following of racing enthusiasts over the years, especially after it outperformed Ferrari, Corvette, and Porsche models in various performance tests.

1999 Acura NSX-T Seller’s Guide


Are you thinking about selling your 1999 Acura NSX-T? With cars as rare and exotic as this one, it’s important that you sell it to someone that appreciates the value of this racing car. Fortunately, Alex Manos has years of experience buying unique Japanese cars and knows just how special the NSX and NSX-T models are. If you sell your car through them, you’ll be offered top dollar cash, on the spot, without any of the haggling and headache that comes with selling a classic car. That means no worrying about advertising, chasing down leads, or even transporting your car; the Alex Manos team will even have it shipped to their California showroom from anywhere in the United States, even Alaska! Call today to get started and turn your old and exotic cars into cash!



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