Selling A 1957 Aston Martin DB Mark III


1957 Aston Martin DB Mark III
1957 Aston Martin DB Mark III

The 1957 Aston Martin DB Mark III would officially replace the Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk II. It would feature a Tadek Marek-revised version of the Mk II Lagonda 2.9L six-cylinder engine that had grown so popular throughout the DB line. Although the “2/4” was dropped from the name, the 1957 DB Mark III was nearly identical to its predecessor, with just a few visual changes. Most noticeable, however, was the change to a DB3S-style front grille and a new instrument panel that mimicked the grille and placed the car’s gauges in front of the driver rather than in the middle of the dash. The addition of standard front disc brakes was also new for the line, yet the first 100 examples would miss this upgrade. In later years, many of the first 100 were updated with disc brakes. Owners would also enjoy a new hydraulically operated clutch and overdrive. Available in an attractive hatchback body first seen on the original DB2/4, the DB Mark III was also available as a Drophead Coupe and Fixed-Head Coupe. Little more than 550 examples of the DB Mark III were ever produced. If you’re thinking about selling your classic 1957 Aston Martin DB Mark III, the Alex Manos team would be delighted to speak with you.


1957 Aston Martin DB Mark III Seller’s Guide

The 1957 Aston Martin DB Mark III is a popular model with collectors and Aston Martin enthusiasts for a number of reasons, but perhaps most importantly because it would lay the foundation for more modern Aston Martins. It is also an excellent example of the engineering and design quality that was coming from Aston during this period. While the DB Mark III was intended as a road car, it could also be ordered with a number of factory options that were competition-oriented. Today, the most valuable Aston Martin DB Mark III classics often feature some of these upgrades. Among the most sought-after are the DBA, DBB or DBD engine upgrades, engine oil cooler, close-ratio gearbox, competition clutch, and the larger fuel tank to name just a few. If you’re thinking about selling your 195 Aston Martin DB Mark III, one of the best Seller’s Tips the Alex Manos team can offer is for you to list out all of the factory options that your particular model offers. This can help differentiate your particular model from others. As with all classics of this era, be prepared to authenticate your 1957 Aston Martin DB Mark III by matching engine and chassis numbers with historic production records from Aston. These are just a few of the many, many Seller’s Tips for the 1957 Aston Martin DB Mark III found throughout this website.



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1957 Aston Martin DB Mark III

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