Selling A 1958 Aston Martin DB4 Series I


1958 Aston Martin DB4 Series I
1958 Aston Martin DB4 Series I

The Aston Martin DB4 would be produced from late 1958 to mid-1963. It would prove to be highly popular for the manufacturer, and would be the precursor for many exceptional Aston Martin models to follow. Many favored the DB4, as it was a welcomed update from the more upright DB2 touring cars that Aston produced throughout the 1950s. Boasting an iconic front grille and elegant curvature, styling cues from the DB4 can be seen even in today’s most modern Aston Martins. First introduced to the public at the 1958 Paris Motor Show, the 1958 Aston Martin DB4 Series I was considered an excellent achievement for such a small but well known British manufacturer. It would be completely new – offering a new platform chassis, disc brakes all around, and a new 3.7L six-cylinder engine. Externally, the 1958 Aston Martin DB4 Series I model’s new fastback body designed by world-renowned coachbuilder Touring of Milan, Italy. Today, the Aston Martin DB4 Series I is considered by collectors and enthusiasts to be the perfect example of what results from the marriage of exceptional British manufacturing and elite Italian styling. As the owner f a 1958 Aston Martin DB4 Series I, this is like something you already understand and appreciate.


1958 Aston Martin DB4 Series I Seller’s Guide

While the 1958 Aston Martin DB4 Series I is loved for a number of reasons, the unique construction methods used to create the DB4 are also praised. The DB4 Series I would use Touring’s Superleggera method, by which alloy panels were fixed to a tubular frame connected to a strong platform chassis. This would give the DB4 great rigidity and was quite advanced for its era. Another notable accolade would be the car’s ability to accelerate from 0 to 60mph and then come to a complete stop in less than 30 seconds, including a 0 to 60mph time of just 21 seconds. It is because of these notable achievements that Aston Martin would regain its position amongst other European sports car manufacturers of the time. If you’re thinking about selling your 1958 Aston Martin DB4 Series I, the Alex Manos team would be delighted to speak with you. Their Los Angeles classic car dealership is always looking to add new classics to their growing inventory of European and American classic cars and is known for purchasing classics of all makes, models and conditions. In fact, should your DB4 Series I fit into their collection, they’ll make you a top dollar offer in cash – on the spot!



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