Selling A 1959 Aston Martin DB4 GT


1959 Aston Martin DB4 GT
1959 Aston Martin DB4 GT

Unveiled at the London Motor Show of the same year, the 1959 Aston Martin DB4 GT would be an exciting new, competition-oriented model for the automaker – one that would quickly attract attention from the automotive world at the time. It would sit on a shorter chassis than the original DB4, would boast faired in headlamps, and was powered by an upgraded engine with three Weber carburetors. Designed to be “equally at home on road and track,” the Aston Martin DB4 GT was also manufactured with weight-reducing principals to achieve the best performance. Output would be an incredible 302hp at 6000rpm, while top speed would be in excess of 140mph. Roughly 75 examples of the Aston Martin DB4 GT would be released, and a highly successful Zagato-designed model would be added to the lineup in 1960. If you’re thinking about selling your 1959 Aston Martin DB4 GT, the Alex Manos team would be delighted to learn more about your particular model – no matter its condition or location.


1959 Aston Martin DB4 GT Seller’s Guide

As with most classic cars of this era, when it comes time to sell your 1959 Aston Martin DB4 GT, the overall condition and authenticity of the car play a large role in its value and, therefore, price. Buyers will be looking for models of all conditions, but will favor finding the best condition classic DB4 GT they can within their desired budget. With that being said, you should always advertise your classic’s best features and factory options, as well as provide documentation regarding your car’s authenticity and history. In fact, documentation regarding ownership or racing history, maintenance and repair, and/or restoration can give buyers the additional confidence they need to move forward with the purchase. This is perhaps one of the most important Seller’s Tips that are often overlooked. The Alex Manos team, a Los Angeles-based classic car dealership, is always looking to add new classics to their growing inventory of American and European classic cars. They are known for their top dollar offers and for making sales as smooth and successful as possible. They would be grateful for the opportunity to learn more about your particular model. Should your 1959 Aston Martin DB4 GT fit into their collection, you can count on a top dollar offer, payable in cash, on the spot.



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