Selling A 1965 Aston Martin Volante


1965 Aston Martin Volante
1965 Aston Martin Volante

When the Aston Martin DB6 replaced the beloved DB5 in 1965, Aston Martin dropped the superleggera chassis in favor of a longer wheelbase. However, 37 short chassis were left over from the DB5 and Aston Martin decided to use them to build a Convertible vehicle, the first Aston Martin Convertible to be called a Volante. Powered by the Tadek Marek 4-Liter 6-cylinder engine, this 2-door Convertible featured design cues from the Aston Martin DB6, such as split front and rear bumpers and the rear TR4 lights. The 1965 Aston Martin Volante was very light thanks to the Touring Superleggera coachwork. Moreover, the 282hp at 5,500 rpm and a top speed of 148mph made the 1965 Aston Martin Volante a quite exciting vehicle for the era. If you’re interested in selling a 1965 Aston Martin Volante – no matter what its condition or location in the country – call Alex Manos and his team today! They’ll give you great seller’s tips and advice to ensure your sale is as smooth as possible.


1965 Aston Martin Volante Seller’s Guide

Few examples of the 1965 Aston Martin Volante were made, which makes it highly prized by collectors. Celebrities such as Prince Charles, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Twiggy and Peter Sellers own or have owned a Volante. Alex Manos and his team would be delighted to speak with you about your classic Aston Martin Volante. The team has an extensive knowledge of the market in terms of availability and prices. The experts will give you great advice on the best practices, and can help you determine the car’s current value. For example, it is important to gather all the available paperwork you have for your example. Since these are quite rare, buyers will want to ensure your model is authentic. Be sure to have engine and chassis numbers hand, and always allow serious buyers to have a pre-purchase inspection with a qualified mechanic. These are just a few of the seller’s tips they recommend. To learn more, their team is always available for consultation. Connect today.



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