Selling A 1971 Aston Martin DB6 Coupe


1971 Aston Martin DB6 Coupe
1971 Aston Martin DB6 Coupe

Being the last year of production for the Aston Martin DB6, the 1971 Aston Martin DB6 Coupe and its running mates are very desirable in today’s classic car market – among collectors and enthusiasts of all types. The Aston Martin DB6 is one of the most luxurious grand touring vehicles of its generation. The 4-Liter, 6 inline cylinder engine generates 282hp at 5,500 rpm, propelling the car up to 150 mph. If you opted for the Vantage engine option, the horsepower jumped up to 325 and a maximum speed to 155mph. Much emphasis was put into enhancing the aerodynamics of the Aston Martin DB6, with a new Kammtail design and the elongation of the wheelbase. Both of these improvements reduced the rear lift issue from the previous models and increased the high-speed stability. The Aston Martin DB6 Mk II was available with a ZF five-speed manual transmission or a Borg-Warner 3-speed automatic. Whether your model offers some of these options, or top of the line options, the Alex Manos team would be delighted to learn more about your particular example.


1971 Aston Martin DB6 Coupe Seller’s Guide

From 1969 to 1971, the second generation of DB6, being the Mk II, was offered with an optional fuel injection system and standard power steering. The design differed slightly, identifiable by its flared arches fitting wider tires, as seen on the 1971 Aston Martin DB6 Coupe. The newly designed DBS shared a lot of parts with the DB6 and critics said the improvements made the Mk II an even better driver’s car – this idea remains today. Because only 245 Mk II’s were made, 1971 Aston Martin DB6 models can be worth a lot on today’s market. If you’re thinking of selling your example, the Alex Manos team will give you valuable information on how to get the best offer for your DB6. In fact, should you model fit into their collection of European and American classics, they will make you a top dollar cash offer on the spot! They can even arrange for transportation from any location in the United States.



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