Selling A 1971 Aston Martin V8


1971 Aston Martin V8

The history, design and performance of the 1971 Aston Martin V8 made it a very interesting vehicle – both during its era and today. The concept of the DBS model was initiated by the demand for a V8 engine. As the final product wasn’t going to be ready in time, Aston Martin first equipped the DBS with the 6-cylinder engine, of which production ran from 1967 to 1972. Finally ready in 1969, the V8 engine was first installed on the Aston Martin DBS V8. When the 6-cylinder DB6 was dismissed in 1973, the car was restyled and renamed simply Aston Martin V8. The 1971 Aston Martin V8 is part of this range. The 5.3-Liter engine with a mechanical fuel injection generated an average 320hp at 5,500 rpm that enabled the car to reach a top speed of 160 mph, while reaching 0 to 60 in 5.9 seconds. At the time, the DBS V8 was the fastest 4-seater grand touring vehicle in the world. If you’re thinking about selling a 1971 Aston Martin V8, connect with the Alex Manos team today!


1971 Aston Martin V8 Seller’s Guide

The amazing performance of the 1971 Aston Martin V8, its starring in The Persuaders with Roger Moore, and the fact that the public had to wait for the V8 engine a long time made it a very famous vehicle. If you want to sell your example of an Aston Martin V8, be sure to gather all the documents relating to the car’s history and previous owners – if available. You’ll find that these documents and additional records give buyers the confidence they need to move forward with the purchase. Regardless of the location and condition of your Aston Martin V8, the Alex Manos team is interested. Thanks to their unmatched expertise in classic cars and long experience in the process of buying and selling many models in all conditions, the experts will give you valuable advice when it comes time to sell. In fact, should you model fit into their inventory, they will be happy to make you a top dollar offer, payable in cash, on the spot.



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