Selling A 1972 Aston Martin DBS


1972 Aston Martin DBS
1972 Aston Martin DBS

The classic Aston Martin DBS was first launched in 1967 and was initially designed to replace the Aston Martin DB6, although both cars would run simultaneously until 1971. The 1972 Aston Martin DBS was quite popular at the time, being a spacious grand touring car with a more contemporary body style than its predecessors. A new and powerful V8 engine was designed for the DBS but its production got delayed. The engineers used the DB6’s engine instead, which had been popular with the previous models. As the Aston Martin DBS was heavier than the DB6 (although its weight of 3,760lb, was below the average of similar grand touring cars at the time), Aston Martin decided to offer the Vantage option to overcome the loss of power. The Vantage engine increased the horsepower up to 325, compared to the average 283hp of the standard unit. If you’re interested in selling a 1972 Aston Martin DBS, please contact the Alex Manos team today. They would be delighted to learn more about your classic and can help you establish its value in today’s market.


1972 Aston Martin DBS Seller’s Guide

When you’re looking to sell a 1972 Aston Martin DBS, some seller’s tips and knowledge can be very useful, especially if you’re not familiar with the classic car market or have recently inherited your classic from a trust or estate. Note that cars from this era are prone to rust and buyers will be very diligent with their inspection of the body panels and the chassis, even for the cars that were previously restored. As the prices for parts and services are particularly expensive on classic Aston Martin vehicles, buyers want to make sure they are fully aware of all the work the car might need. You should always allow serious buyers to perform a pre-purchase inspection with a qualified mechanic. If you’re unsure of the value of your classic and would like expert advice, be sure to connect with the Alex Manos team today. They are always available for consultation and look forward to sharing their knowledge and expertise with you.



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