Selling A 1983 Aston Martin V8


1983 Aston Martin V8
1983 Aston Martin V8

The Aston Martin V8’s production ran from 1969 to 1989, and only 352 examples of the Series 4 model–also named Oscar India– were made between 1978 and 1985. The 1983 Aston Martin V8 boasts a new trim design with a redesigned bonnet and a power-operated hood. The DOHC V8 engine is very powerful for the era, especially with the Vantage version, which boosted the performance significantly. 1983 models were very advanced with numerous modifications being introduced to the Aston Martin V8 in the 1980’s. A new and more perfected version of the engine was released in 1980, known as the “580 series” engine. In 1983, Aston switched the GKN alloy wheels for BBS wheels. Also specific to the Aston Martin V8 are the electric window lifts, the leather headline, the burr walnut trim and the improved air-conditioning system. If you’re the current owner of a particular example of a 1983 Aston Martin V8 and you need to sell it, please contact the Alex Manos team today. They are always interested in learning more about classics available for sale and, should the car fit into their inventory, will make you a top dollar offer on the spot.


1983 Aston Martin V8 Seller’s Guide

Whether your example is being used as a daily driver, shown at Concours d’Elegance events or a restoration project on hold, it will most certainly be of interest to the Alex Manos team. With its wonderful V8 engine and unmistakable style, the 1983 Aston Martin V8 gets lot of attention and sparks the interest of many enthusiasts. Buyers are aware that the Aston Martin V8 is an exceptional car, but you should also be prepared to provide any documentation you can to show its authenticity and originality. In order to make your example more attractive, be sure to list out all the past service and restoration operation and also the future needs. Transparency will be appreciated and a car with a history showing the owner took great care of it is far more valuable to many.



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When you’re ready to find out more about the value of your 1982 Aston Martin V8, the Alex Manos team is standing by to be of assistance. With years of experience in the market, they can help you establish a value that best reflects your car’s originality and rarity. Furthermore, should you car fit into their inventory, they will happily make you a top dollar offer! Learn more by connecting today!