Selling A 1984 Aston Martin V8


1984 Aston Martin V8
1984 Aston Martin V8

The 1984 Aston Martin V8 was the Series 4 of the V8 production (which ran from 1978 to 1985), and was also called the Oscar India. The car was available in a Coupe or in a Convertible trim called Volante. A Vantage version was also on the market at that time, with special engine specs boosting the power and performance by a significant margin. The later Oscar India models boast specific visual cues, such as the closed power bulge, wood trim, the tail spoiler, and the new BBS wheels. Although the Aston Martin V8 was modified for the American market, some European cars can be found in the USA and a lot of owners changed the bumpers to the thinner European ones. The 1984 Aston Martin V8 came with two standard transmissions: a ZF Five-speed manual gearbox and a Chrysler 3-speed automatic transmission. The rear-wheel drive front engine combination and the powerful V8 engine made the Aston Martin V8 a very fast and enjoyable Grand Touring car. The improved air-conditioning system, the powered windows and the revised suspension settings, also made the 1984 Aston Martin V8 comfortable and luxurious. Of course, as an owner of an Aston Martin, you likely already know how great the ownership experience is.


1984 Aston Martin V8 Seller’s Guide

Whether you’re the owner of a mint-condition 1984 Aston Martin V8 or an unfinished restoration project, the Alex Manos team is likely interested in your vehicle. The Aston Martin V8 is an iconic classic, very reminiscent of the 1980’s and quite popular on today’s classic market. Familiar with classics of all makes, models and conditions, the Alex Manos team can help you determine the value of your classic in today’s market – based on its condition, rarity, and recent sales in the market. Do not hesitate to contact their team to learn more.



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The Alex Manos team is well equipped with highly qualified and knowledgeable Aston Martin professionals. Their long-time experience dealing with the classic car market gives them a valuable expertise. They are experienced in the value of 1984 Aston Martin V8 models in today’s market and can appraise your model accurately. Visit their website today for more information on their services and give them a call to get a top dollar offer in cash on your classic Aston Martin, should it fit into their inventory of classic European and American cars. They look forward to hearing from you soon!


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