Selling A 1986 Aston Martin V8


1986 Aston Martin V8
1986 Aston Martin V8

The Aston Martin V8 Series 5 was the successor to the Aston Martin Oscar India models and was introduced in January 1986 at the New York International Auto Show. The bonnet bulge of the previous models became obsolete with the introduction of the Weber/Marelli fuel-injection system replacing the previous carburetors. Between 1986 and 1989, only 405 Coupe models of the Series 5 were made and 216 of the Volante version. In 1986, Aston Martin joined the Italian coachbuilder Zagato to design an exotic body style to fitting a lighter and shorter chassis. The Aston Martin V8 Zagato saw only 52 examples of the Coupe and 37 of the Convertible (or Volante), making it an extremely valuable classic nowadays. Featuring a limited-slip differential, heated rear window and electric window lifts, the 1986 Aston Martin V8 was a comfortable and luxurious vehicle. For the first time since the 1950’s with the DB2 and DB4 cars, burr walnut trim was being fitted and the design of the Aston Martin V8 body was quite exceptional, making it a highly refined and very desirable classic Aston Martin nowadays.


1986 Aston Martin V8 Seller’s Guide

If you’re looking to sell a particular example of a 1986 Aston Martin V8, please contact the Alex Manos team today. The experts have an extensive knowledge of the classic car market and can provide you with useful information on any model. They will be delighted to help you evaluate your vehicle, looking at its options, service history and authenticity documents. Throughout the long-time production, many variants of the Aston Martin V8 were made and some cars feature special modifications that will change its value. Alex Manos and his team understand that selling your classic Aston Martin might be a difficult experience and they will provide you with the best service to ensure a smooth transition. They are always looking for new classics to add to their collection, and would be delighted to learn more about your particular model.



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Call the Los Angeles classic car dealership now to get started; they look forward to hearing about your 1986 Aston Martin V8 and will make you a top dollar offer on the spot should you model be well suited to their collection. In the meantime, be sure to browse their website to learn more about their most loved classics. Connect today!


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