Selling An Aston Martin DB4 GT


Aston Martin DB4 GT
Aston Martin DB4 GT

The Aston Martin DB4 GT was first introduced at the 1959 London Motor Show and was inspired by the race-winning prototype, DP199/1. To many, the DB4 GT looks nearly identical to the standard DB4, yet it is actually very different. Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristics of the DB4 GT were the faired in headlights with Plexiglas covers, which would be seen on future Aston Martin models all the way up to the DB6 Mark II launched in 1970. In an effort to save weight and be more competition-oriented, the Aston Martin DB4 GT was also produced with thinner gauge aluminum, the wheelbase was reduced, the engine was tuned for performance, and the rear seats were removed. Interestingly, however, a few of the DB4 GT models would keep their rear seats. Popular with today’s classic car buyers for a number of reasons, the DB4 GT also holds the honor of being the first performance cars to go from standstill to 100mph and then to a complete stop in under 30 seconds – quite impressive for its day. In total, it is estimated that fewer than 75 models of the DB4 GT were produced, making the classic DB4 GT highly desirable in today’s classic car market. If you’re thinking about selling your DB4 GT, rest assured knowing you will certainly find interest – no matter what the car’s condition or location.


Aston Martin DB4 GT Seller’s Guide

Renowned for being the impetus for the much-loved Aston Martin DB5, the DB4 GT would play a prominent role in the overall design and style of many of Aston Martins later models. Whether you’ve recently become the owner of a DB4 GT and don’t have the room to keep the car, have finished a restoration project or simply don’t have the time to do so, the Alex Manos team would be delighted to learn more about your particular model. Perhaps one of the biggest Seller’s Tips they can offer for the DB4 GT is to ensure that you can authenticate your model as an original and that you have verified it is an original GT and not a DB4 that has been converted to offer some of the features of the DB4 GT. While a converted DB4 still has its place in the market, it may not command the same value as a truly original Aston Martin DB4 GT. With that being said, placing a value on these classics can often be the most difficult part of the sale. You don’t want to price your classic too high and receive no attention from buyers, but you also don’t want to leave money on the table. This is where the expertise of the Alex Manos team can help. With years of experience in the classic car market, their team has the knowledge needed to help you determine the value of your Aston Martin in today’s market. They are always available for consultation and would be happy to learn more about your particular model.



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