Selling An Aston Martin DB5


Aston Martin DB5
Aston Martin DB5

Often referred to as “the most famous car in the world,” the Aston Martin DB5 is known worldwide for its role as James Bond’s gadget-filled sports car in the Goldfinger movie. Today, Aston Martin enthusiasts and collectors regard the Aston Martin DB5 as one of the most beautiful production Aston Martins ever created. Although the DB5 would share many of the same characteristics of the DB4 that it replaced, the DB5 would bring about the most significant changes in the DB-line of Aston Martins thus far – most notably under the hood. Launched in 1963, the Aston Martin DB5 boasted a 4.0L engine with three SU carburetors. Fared in headlamps would again be standard, yet the DB5 would offer an all-new full synchromesh five-speed gearbox. Girling disc brakes and 15inch wheels were also now standard. As for factory options, buyers could add electric windows and/or twin hydraulic brake servos. During the production of the DB5 range, a DB5 Vantage was offered with three Weber carburetors and different camshafts to achieve higher performance, while a Convertible option would also be available. The original factory-option steel hard top for the Convertible is an excellent find today.


Aston Martin DB5 Seller’s Guide

If you’re thinking about selling an Aston Martin DB5 – whether in pristine condition or in need of complete restoration – you can rest assured knowing that there will be great interest in your classic DB5. As with most classics of this era, the value of your Aston Martin DB5 will rely on a number of different factors including the overall condition, rarity, factory options, history, and more. As such, one of the best Seller’s Tips that the Alex Manos team can offer owners of the DB5 who are thinking about selling is to have your classic evaluated by a professional. Understanding the value of your classic in today’ market can be one of the most difficult steps in the sales process. You want to ensure you choose an asking price that attracts attention in the marketplace, but also one that leaves little money left behind on the table. The Alex Manos team, a California classic car dealership with a worldwide reputation for fair and honest car deals, has the knowledge, expertise and experience to help you with this very important step. To learn more, they encourage you to contact a member of their team today to discuss the particular details of your classic Aston.



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