Selling a 1957 Austin-Healey 100-6 BN4


1957 Austin-Healey 100-6 BN4
1957 Austin-Healey 100-6 BN4

The 1956 and 1957 Austin-Healey 100-6 BN4 were among the last models manufactured at Austin-Healey’s factory in Longbridge. Production would move to Abington in December 1957. In total, it is estimated that approximately 7,053 of these first series BN4 models were produced during this time. First debuted in 1956, the Austin-Healey 100-6 is often considered as the model that market the most radical step forward in the “Big Healey” production. A 2.6L six-cylinder engine would be used to replace the previous four-cylinder, and the wheelbase would be lengthened to accommodate the additional occasional seats in the BN4. It is important to note, however, that despite the fact that the 100-6 would produce 12hp more than the previous models, little improvement was made in performance due to an increase in weight. Despite the power-to-weight ratio, buyers loved the 1957 Austin-Healey 100-6 BN4. Today’s collectors and Austin-Healey enthusiasts appreciate the Austin-Healey BN4 for its authentic sports touring feel, as well as for its comfortable and stylish driving experience.


1957 Austin-Healey 100-6 BN4 Seller’s Guide

If you’re thinking about selling a 1957 Austin-Healey 100-6 BN4 or any of the BN4 models, the Alex Manos team would be happy to speak with you regarding current demand and value in the market. With these particular models, rarity and condition play a large role in value. Historically, the 2+2 BN4 models were less desirable among buyers and, due to mediocre performance when compared to 100-4 models, many of the early BN4 examples are found in rather poor condition. If your BN4 is in good to excellent condition, this is certainly appealing for potential buyers. Alternatively, there are buyers looking for those models that have been meticulously restored to their original glory. You will find that there are buyers looking for BN4 models of all conditions, yet those with extensive rust damage or those that have been pieced together will carry the lowest values. When selling, always be sure to fairly price your BN4 based on its condition, rarity and demand. Not sure how to proceed? Connect with Alex Manos and his team today to learn more about your options.



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Always in the market to buy classics of all makes, models and conditions, Alex and his team would love to learn more about your 1957 Austin-Healey 100-6 BN4. From barn finds that have been sitting untouched for decades to pristine examples and those in need of complete restoration, they’re looking for it all. In fact, should your classic Austin-Healey fit into their collection, they will make you a top dollar offer on the spot. Connect with them today to learn more and to explore the value of your BN4 in today’s market. They look forward to hearing from you soon!


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