Selling a 1964 Austin-Healey 3000


1964 Austin-Healey 3000
1964 Austin-Healey 3000

During the 1964 Austin-Healey 3000 model-year, there were several changes that took place to the MKIII models. Some changes were visual, such as the new walnut dash and the increase in ride height, while other changes were mechanical. Mechanically, a new engine offered dual two-inch-choke SU carburetors and gave owners more than 148 horsepower. This was the first time that Austin-Healey and the British Motor Company gave buyers a Big Healey that could exceed 120mph, all while maintaining its comfort and styling. For these reasons, the MKIII models from 1964 an on are some of the most desired in the Big Healey classic market. During this time buyers were also coaxed by Austin-Healey’s excellence in motorsport. Whether your Austin-Healey 3000 has been in the family for decades, is a recent restoration project that you’ve just completed, or is a rolling chassis you recently found in a barn, because of their desirability, buyers are looking for Austin-Healey 3000 models of all conditions. Similarly, the Alex Manos team is always looking for new cars to add to their collection, and is always happy to learn more about any classic you’re thinking about selling.


1964 Austin-Healey 3000 Seller’s Guide

Here are a few Seller’s Tips from the team at Alex Manos that may help you with the sales process. First, as you likely know from owning a 1964 Austin-Healey 3000, the lack of power steering and power brakes makes driving a 1964 3000 more difficult than some buyers anticipate. If your car has the optional overdrive gearbox, you should market this, as it makes the car easier to drive. Secondly, be sure to have current pictures and all documentation of ownership, history and restoration available for buyers. Many of your inquiries will come from around the country, so you should be prepared to respond and communicate via the Internet. If your potential buyer is coming to view the car in person, do not be surprised if they ask for a third-party inspection. This is standard in the purchase of a classic car. The Alex Manos team has been through this process a million times and can help you navigate the sale. Furthermore, should your car fit into their collection, they would be happy to make you an offer you can’t refuse. Known for their fair and honest car deals, they always offer top-dollar and pay in-cash on the spot.



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