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Austin-Healey 100M
Austin-Healey 100M

Manufactured from September 5, 1955 to July 16, 1956, the Austin-Healey 100M “Le Mans” sports cars are among some of the most sought-after classic Austin-Healeys on the market today. Perhaps it is the history of the Austin-Healey 100M that makes this car so special. Production records, which indicate only 640 of these 100M classics were made, were found in July of 1985. The records are based off of factory build cards, which showed the models manufactured with a louvered hood found on the 100M models. However, Donald Healey would release a factory kit that allowed owners of the standard Austin-Healey 100 to convert their cars to 100M-style models. It is estimated that approximately 500 of these “Le Mans Conversion Kits” were sold via Austin-Healey dealers or direct to owners. To add to the confusion, the conversion kits were based on special test cars that were first available in 1954, before the start of BN2 production. Because of this, the first Austin-Healey 100 models converted with the kits were BN1 models, while all of the factory-built 100M models were BN2 examples. Value of your particular Austin-Healey 100M is dependent on the history – whether you have an early 100 that was retrofitted by an Austin-Healey dealer or one of the 640 factory-built examples. There are also Austin-Healey 100 models that have been converted to 100M models more recently.


Austin-Healey 100M Seller’s Guide

When selling an Austin-Healey 100M, educated buyers will certainly want to know more about the history of your 100M and whether or not it is a kit conversion or original, factory-built 100M. If you are unsure, the Alex Manos team can assist you in comparing chassis and engine numbers against historical records to determine its build date and location. While interest in the conversion models has been fueled by increased interest in the originals, the kit conversion models do not command quite the value of the originals. With that being said, there is still a wide market for Austin-Healey 100M models of all types and conditions. From unfinished restoration projects to pristine originals or barn finds untouched for decades, the Alex Manos team of classic car professionals would be delighted to speak with you. Backed by years of experience in the classic car market, they can help you establish a fair value for your classic Austin-Healey in today’s market – without leaving too much on the table.



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