Buying or Selling a 1936 Bentley 3.5 Litre?


1936 Bentley 3.5 Litre
1936 Bentley 3.5 Litre

The 1936 edition of the Bentley 3.5 Litre landed right in the middle of production of the line, which began in 1933 and ended just prior to the turn of the decade in 1939. The model was sold as a rolling chassis, which was later sent to independent coachbuilders to be tailored to a given client’s taste. For this particular year, the Bentley 3.5 Litre is part of a wider set of models that are known as Derby Bentleys, named after the location of their production in Derby, United Kingdom. Rolls-Royce was actually in charge of manufacturing Bentleys during this period, and as was common with Rolls-Royce models of the period, the 3.5 Litre is equipped with a four-speed manual transmission, servo-assisted mechanical brakes, tied together with a four-wheel leaf structured spring suspension. Powering the automobile is a straight-six 3.5-liter engine (with high compression ratio), a sporty camshaft, and two SU carburetors. This allowed the 1935 Bentley 3.5 Litre to reach top speeds of near 90 mph.


1936 Bentley 3.5 Litre Seller’s Guide

The 1936 Bentley 3.5 Litre is a rarity for a number of reasons, and should you be the proud owner of one of these classics and have an interest in selling, be in touch with the Alex Manos dealership today. The talented staff aggregates decades of experienced in dealing with classic automobiles, and would be delighted to help transact your 1936 Bentley 3.5 Litre at a top price. Through these years of experience, the staff has accumulated a wide spectrum of knowledge related to selling classic cars, and they would like to share some of this advice here. When selling, it is important to pair your Bentley with a background in photos that best accentuates its features. A nuanced aspect of successful photos would be to include at least three wheels in every picture. The staff would love to help further so don’t hesitate to contact them at your earliest convenience.



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