Buying or Selling a 1947 Bentley Mark VI?


1947 Bentley Mark VI
1947 Bentley Mark VI

The Bentley Mark VI was the first Bentley car to use all-steel coachwork and also the first to be assembled and finished at the Rolls-Royce factory. This 4-door standard steel sports saloon was introduced in 1946 and produced until 1952. An F-head, straight-six, 4.3-liter engine with inlet over exhaust powered the Bentley Mark VI and was linked to a four-speed gearbox. Compared to other similar models of the late 1940s, the Mk VI offered great performance. Independent coachbuilders were commissioned to work on the chassis, which was equipped with leaf springs in the rear, and independent coil springs in the front. The design featured balanced lines with a very elegant body overall and was typical of the post-war era.


1947 Bentley Mark VI Seller’s Guide

Should you be thinking about selling a specific model of 1947 Bentley Mark VI, the Alex Manos team would be delighted to assist you along the processes. First, the representatives are known for their fair and honest deals on classics of all makes, models, and condition. Looking to grow the collection with desirable classics such as the 1947 Bentley Mark VI, the staff will provide you with excellent service and offer to handle everything from paperwork to transportation from anywhere in the U.S., including Alaska. Moreover, the friendly staff is regularly sharing tips and advice to help classic car sellers make the best possible transactions. One thing to remember when selling a classic car is that paperwork and documentation can significantly increase the value of your model. Gather everything including pictures, service records, certificates, and history of ownership documents, to present to potential buyers.



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