Buying or Selling a 1954 Bentley R Type?


1954 Bentley R Type
1954 Bentley R Type

The Bentley R Type was introduced in 1952 to succeed to the Bentley Mark VI and was a more spacious and more advanced model. In order to create a trunk almost twice as big as on the Mk VI, the overall length of the car was extended by eight inches. In the front, the chassis used independent suspension with coil springs and semi-elliptical leaf springs in the rear. The brakes were drums all around, operating hydraulically in the front and mechanically in the rear through a gearbox driven servo. An F-head, 6-cylinder, 4.5-liter engine powered the R Type—and the last models of Mk VI—and was coupled to a four-speed manual transmission with an automatic option. 0-to-60 mph timed at approximately 13 seconds and top speeds were recorded above 100 mph. The interior of the R Type featured leather upholstery, a sunroof, fitted tools, a radio and a heater.


1954 Bentley R Type Seller’s Guide

Thanks to their timeless elegance and high functionality, Bentley R Type models are very popular classics. Alex Manos and his team are always looking to acquire new classics to grow their collection. Call the team today to find out about their many services. Come show your model to the experts to have them evaluate it or have someone come to you. With their long-time experience dealing with classics, the professional staff is abreast of current market prices and availability, so that can give you a very accurate quote. Moreover, the team will share some tips and advice to help you sell your 1954 Bentley R Type at a higher value. One thing to know is that potential buyers will look for rust on the standard steel body so be sure to give full disclosure of your model’s condition.



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Get in touch with Alex Manos and his team today to find out more about their services and get additional tips. The friendly staff will help you sell your 1954 Bentley R Type at the right price and assist you all along the selling experience to make the transaction easier.

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