Buying or Selling a 1965 Bentley T1?


1965 Bentley T1
1965 Bentley T1

The luxury that Bentley has always afforded its vehicles has stood the test of time. This is especially true for the 1965 Bentley T1. Its lighter weight body and powerful 6.23-liter V8 engine made it a popular car among buyers then and now. This vehicle was highly coveted because it resembled the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow vehicle closely and that was the ideal of luxury vehicles of the time. The 1965 Bentley T1 has a number of add-ons that are especially appealing to potential buyers such as adjustable front seats for optimal comfort and custom coachwork done by one of the most sought after design firms of the time. The rear wheel drive and four-speed transmission in these vehicles made them perfectly suited to provide a comfortable drive for any driver. The independent suspension on all four wheels of the vehicle make it like you are riding on a cloud and make for the perfect ride for you and your passengers.


1965 Bentley T1 Seller’s Guide

The 1965 Bentley T1 is a very good car to look into selling if it just doesn’t get the use that it used to get. If you have one of these classic beauties in pristine condition in your garage, the Alex Manos dealership can help you find the best buyer as well as get you a competitive price for the vehicle! They specialize in all types of classic cars including the 1965 Bentley T1. They will be able to help you as the seller make informed decisions about how to market the features of the 1965 Bentley T1, as well as set you up to find qualified buyers who will take good care of the vehicle you are selling. Being located in Los Angeles, some of the world’s best cars are not too far away and it makes for a great car buying market with so many people in the area looking to locate the perfect classic car.



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