Buying or Selling a 1966 Bentley T1?


1966 Bentley T1
1966 Bentley T1

The second model of the Bentley T1 released by Bentley Motors Limited proved to be a great success. The 1966 Bentley T1 was one of the first T models to sport a unibody design. With a 6.23-liter eight-cylinder motor to propel drivers to faster speed everywhere, this car was one of the fastest of its time while still being the luxury in chic. The 1966 Bentley T1 could be customized with exquisite coachwork depending on the driver’s preference. Depending on who the coach maker was for each vehicle, specific artists could fetch more money than others could. It’s important to know who worked on the coachwork for the vehicle you are going to sell. A fun fact about the 1966 Bentley T1 was that it is a twin of sorts to the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow; however, it sported a lighter weight front grille. The only thing that was bad about the similarity was that some buyers didn’t like how the Bentley was not set apart in itself from other car models from Rolls Royce. However, buyers still love the sophistication of the Bentley name making it a very good vehicle to sell.


1966 Bentley T1 Seller’s Guide

If you’re looking to sell your mint-condition 1966 Bentley T1, this classic car is sure to have buyers with their eyes peeled. However, if you want to find the right buyer without doing all the legwork yourself, go to the trusted experts at the Alex Manos dealership! They have many years of experience selling classic cars to people just like you looking to locate that perfect vintage vehicle. The 1966 Bentley T1’s coach maker will really have a significant effect on value and a specific coach maker can make the difference for potential buyers in this market. The Alex Manos dealership will ensure that you showcase your vehicle’s best features when marketing to potential buyers so that you can get top dollar for your classic vehicle.



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