Buying or Selling a 1967 Bentley T1?


1967 Bentley T1
1967 Bentley T1

The 1967 Bentley T1 was a beautiful example of what a Bentley could be. The 1967 model year of the Bentley T1 was very important. Not only was it the third model year that Bentley manufactured the T series, but this particular year was one of change. Bentley Motors Limited began production of the Bentley T1 Convertible body style this model year. Because of this body style change, buyers began flocking toward the Bentley T1 even more than before. This vehicle packed a punch with its 6.23-liter V8 engine for optimum speed and handling. The car’s body style also contributed to its chic reputation. Its all-wheel braking system and well as its state of the art suspension system made it a top choice among buyers. The 1966 Bentley T1 also had more cab space, especially in the rear of the vehicle, as well as more space to put your luggage but without shrinking the exterior of the vehicle. Coach maker is also a big deal as far as buyers of these cars are concerned.


1967 Bentley T1 Seller’s Guide

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