Buying or Selling a 1968 Bentley T1?


1968 Bentley T1
1968 Bentley T1

Bentley Motors Limited’s 1968 Bentley T1 model year brought one striking change to the T1 series up to this point. This year, the Bentley T1 Pininfarina Coupe model was released. There was only one of these cars manufactured with this exact body style. The Italian design firm was tasked with designing a one-of-a-kind vehicle that had beautiful, decadent custom coachwork. This coachwork makes this car highly profitably and highly sought after. This rare vehicle with definitely get buyers going crazy to get their hands on a car like this. This was a beautiful luxury vehicle suited for the most sophisticated of customers. The 1968 Bentley T1 with all the bells and whistles as far as add-ons go can be extremely competitive to locate, therefore, buyers are willing to pay more for a one-of-a-kind vehicle.


1968 Bentley T1 Seller’s Guide

If a 1968 Bentley T1 is in your inventory that you are looking to liquidate, consult the experts at the Alex Manos dealership. Not only do they maintain an impressive collection of classic vehicles, but they are always looking to add to their varied inventory. They will not only pay the right price for your vehicle, but they will also find knowledgeable buyers to ensure the vehicle remains in a fellow Bentley lover’s hands. The car experts at Alex Manos’ beautiful Los Angeles lot will help you to know exactly what features on your vehicle are most marketable to potential buyers. They will inform you of any maintenance issues the 1968 Bentley T1 may be prone to. The Alex Manos dealership has decades of experience working with these classic beauties and is eager to have you visit the lot in Los Angeles, California. Even if you are looking to sell and cannot personally visit the lot, the Alex Manos dealership will work with their clients remotely and would be happy to accommodate anything you may need in the process of deciding to sell your classic Bentley.



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